SDG Home Solutions, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions


- What kind of work can you do?

- Kitchen and bath remodeling
- Custom cabinets
- Built-ins
- Custom furniture
- Unique applications where standard off-the-shelf items don't suffice
- Mouldings
- Custom finish carpentry (such as create unique fireplace mantles, repair furniture, install cabinets)
- Small-scale construction and home repair (like repair of plumbing and electrical problems)

*** If you're not sure, just ask. ***



- What kind of work would you sub-contract or avoid altogether?

- Large-scale construction
- Large-scale painting
- Large-scale flooring
- New plumbing
- New electric installations

*** If you're not sure, just ask. ***



- What's your background and how does it set you apart?

I was formally trained in business and engineering, and worked in the engineering field for 25 years.  Throughout my life, woodworking as a hobby has provided personal fulfillment where my engineering job did not.  I've honed my woodworking/construction skills over many years through personal projects, helping friends, and charity work.  The skills I used in my previous profession contribute to my creativity, my attention to detail, and my innovative approach to problem solving.



- What does SDG mean?

SDG stands for the latin phrase "Soli Deo Gloria" which means "To God alone be the glory". As the Protestant reformers stated, I believe that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I strive to glorify God in everything I do, especially in using the talents He's given me. The acronym helps remind me that God deserves all the credit and all the glory.


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